The Lancashire Forager

Paramount to it all I am a Contemporary artist, creator, collector, re-user up-cycler, all conveyed with a deep passion, working with a vivid, lively imagination and a drive that carries me on. Pattern, paintwork, nostalgia, distress, decay all merge in creating bespoke unique pieces either to commission or for exhibition sale. Travel, the world, nature, life itself, the painters & collage artists of the 20th Century also continue to inspire me throughout my work. After studying in Yorkshire, I now live in Lancashire, I have honed a large collection of art, working mainly over the last 30 years to commission, an array of quirky collaged reinterpretations, using everything from commemorative heirlooms to decaying driftwood timbers, art with a twist. Multi media pieces, an eclectic mix of up-cycling, embroidery, flora & fauna paintwork, these being intricately collaged, stitched & woven together, naïve &

Inspired by a deep-rooted passion of sea, its shores, the flotsam and jetsam
and a cacophony of all else.


I’ve collected since a child unable to rid myself of the urge to burrow & forage. Materials I use, therefore knows no bounds absolutely everything has potential to be incorporated. Albeit a collage for a unique wedding, maybe a celebration of a life well lived, the detailed, intricate construction combines an array of life’s cast off debris, or it may be a one of collage for an exhibition. Previously working within the confines of the spare room for many years, I now work from my studio at Leigh Spinners Mill. Space has enabled play with scale, bold profusion of paint, a cacophony of colour, further allowing me to excitedly incorporate all manner of medium in a surreal mix, freeing myself up from the intricate stitching over the last years and experimenting further with paint, texture and all manner of materials portraying quiet and stillness sometimes in the simplest forms.



Louise Brandwood Price


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