Leigh Hackspace

Leigh Hackspace is an inclusive shared workspace for makers, artists, creators, ‘hackers’, crafters, designers, fixers, geeks and nerds from Leigh and the entire surrounding area. Leigh Hackspace aims to provide workspace, inspiration, equipment, ideas, support, training and even materials for ‘hacking’ with, as well as great coffee, a community spirit and a ‘can-do’ atmosphere.

An inclusive workspace for all...

Many people in our area and across the North West would like to participate in and learn crafts and making type activities, but often lack the free space at home to do this. Perhaps they also don’t have access to the very expensive tools and equipment that you would need when doing crafts. Most importantly, sometimes people don’t have access to someone who can help them learn, or inspire them, or even just provide the ‘social scene’ around making things.


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