The Pool Of Life ABC

For over 30 years The Pool Of Life has been producing top class amateur boxers, who have won titles and boxed internationally,  and on turning prof have continued to do the same.

But that is not what we are about, over the years we have empowered a lot of children and young adults in the community to be the best at who they are and to achieve a quality of life from being fitter and giving them a feeling of belonging and worth. Young men and women of all abilities have entered our doors and most, if not all, have left with a better feeling about themselves and the world.

The Pool Of Life
Opening Times

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
5-6pm Boxing classes for 10–13-year-olds
  6-7pm Boxing classes for 14–16-year-olds
7-8pm Boxing classes from 17 years olds

Tuesday and Thursday:
5-6pm non-contact boxing for 7-9-year-olds
6-7pm Keep-fit for all


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