Leigh Building
Preservation Trust

our vision

To transform derelict buildings into thriving community hubs

It's tragic so many buildings are sat decaying in our towns, many are strong solid structures that only require investment, often far less than the cost of demolition and redevelopment. Maintaining our historic buildings with community meaning and values often brings them back together in new and inspiring ways.

LBPT Mission Statement

The right team of people, who are passionate and dedicated, are a driving force that strive to succeed in providing regeneration of old derelict buildings that become a target for vandalism, run down and all too often end up being pulled down by developers, with it local history and cherished memories fade.


LBPT are proud to be operating a successful local team within Leigh that have transformed not only an iconic building but converted it into a thriving community hub offering affordable premises for the people of Leigh. In doing so these projects allow business growth, development and expansion while creating passionate, driven local people with a feeling of self worth, considerable less financial stress and an ability to thrive with an immense sense of ownership and pride.


Without intention, although we certainly persisted with our vision, the miracle of community once again shines through as over 60 current Spinners Mill tenants are building business relationships, that not only support each other,  but provide them with a profound sense of accomplishment as they share their journies together, delivering services to their local communities and further afield.


Historic buildings like Spinners Mill were built for a new generation, offering work and economic growth to the towns they were built within, in an age where new thinking and heavy investment from the wealthy was paramount for the future of towns like Leigh. Today we learn from our history and embark on projects like this where a 100 year old Mill yet again serves it's community, providing opportunity and local economic gain.


Big cities draw talent from small towns like Leigh, an incredible community that's immensely proud of the stars of ingenuity from social development to engineering, film, television and music. A town that worked underground and raised itself from the dark now shines as a beacon for the next generation of Leythers with a diverse local culture. Those talented local people can thrive at home in their own town without the heavy financial burdens, providing quality skilled services without big city pricetags. Where our business can hold it's hand up and be counted, deliver just as good, if not better than the next and invest in itself and the community it stands in.

Projects like Leigh Spinners Mill are a testament to the local people who get up every day to work hard, to better themselves and are eternally grateful for the opportunity of independence. LBPT had the vision and the passion to save another local treasure from demolition but the people of Leigh brought it back to life, made only possible by funding and a willingness to regenerate.

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forward thinking

Funding sources are incredibly valuable to regenerating communities.

Introducing Leigh Building Preservation trust
General Manager

jo platt

The former Member of Parliament Jo Platt lives in Leigh and has supported the Spinners Mill project from its inception.

Jo’s leadership skills have ensured that community, business and heritage are interlinked, supporting each other through mutual co-operation for the success of an incredible business hub that offers a multitude of professional services while thriving together, sharing achievements and working together.


tom dalton

Tom has lived in Leigh for over 30 years, he was a welfare rights adviser at Leigh TUC Centre for the Unemployed during the 1980s & involved in the early development of the Credit Union movement in the UK. 

Tom is a huge character within the Mills community, brings an incredible amount of energy and encouragement to everyone that crosses his path and strives for the success of the LBPT.


Paul Costello

Paul attended Leigh St Mary’s RC High School and worked for 30 years for various Law Enforcement Agencies in the United Kingdom. He has an Honors degree in Mathematics and a PGDE in Numeracy and on retirement began lecturing Mathematics at Wigan and Leigh College and for the HM Prison Service. He is Chair of the Charity Leigh Film Society and Wigan & Leigh Short Film Festival. Honouree Member and retired Vice President of Tyldesley Swimming & Water Polo Club, here he still remains as Team Manager for the Tyldesley Ladies Water Polo Team. He is also Co-founder and Chair of The Pelican Centre, Tyldesley and Vice Chair of Governors at a local primary school. Director of Tyldesley Heritage Action zone C.I.C and Chair of Leigh Spinners Mill CBS Limited


john morrison

John is the Managing Director of Leigh Spinners Ltd. Born and bred in Leigh John joined Leigh Spinners at the age of 19 but left and worked in the construction industry before returning to the company to work his way up to his current position operating a successful manufacturing company on the ground floors of Mill1 & 2.

A huge advocate for the regeneration of Spinners Mill he shows great compassion and interest in the tenants and the operations lending his wise business head and professional managment skills when required.

Company Secretary

peter rowlinson

Peter lives locally and has worked in Planning and Regeneration for many years. He began his career as a Conservation Officer and sees this project as an opportunity to link Conservation and Community Regeneration for the benefit of local people.

Board Member

keith cunliffe

Keith is a senior Councillor for Wigan Council. He is Cabinet member for Adult Services and represents Leigh East Ward. Keith has a great interest in regeneration and has represented the UK on transnational European Initiatives supporting the regeneration of former Coalfields areas. Keith works in Mental Health and is extremely passionate about Spinners Mill, LBPT and the Leigh community.

Board Member

farai nhakaniso

Farai is a MSc International Business degree graduate (with distinction) with experience in Project Management and International Supply Chain Management.

He is co-founder and Project Coordinator of the Leigh based Everything Human Rights Community Group with the aim of promoting the wellbeing and successful integration of migrant ethnic minorities living in the Wigan Borough. Farai is a wonderful human being that brings laughter and a positive attitude to the Mill with  huge amount of energy and enthusiasm for the project.

Board Member

lesley edwards

Lesley runs her own business as a software consultant, and has many years project management and business experience. She first came to the mill as a volunteer after visiting the heritage centre, when she fell in love with the place.  She joined the board a year later, initially as volunteer liaison, but is now taken on several different roles including helping with finance.   Outside of her work and the Mill Lesley’s main interest is music, she sings and plays various instruments and though classically trained is now mainly involve in the folk scene.

Board Member

peter horrocks

Peter sits on the board of Directors of Leigh Spinners Ltd, the original developer of the mill and still operating from the mill manufacturing textiles. Peter is the grandson of John Horrocks who was the founder of the company and the mill and is keen to secure the regeneration and re-use of the mill.

Board Member

stewart mcgarrie

Stewart has spent many years working in Central Government; providing infrastructure services, as part of his Project Manager remit.

Stewart is passionate about local heritage and community and also runs various Leigh community Facebook groups that celebrates Leigh and it's history. 

Board Member

jane shaw

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