Spinners Mill

Our History

historic importance

An iconic example of industrial revolution in Leigh

Buildings like this deserve the investment, protection and regeneration where they can thrive once again and provide vital resources to their local community.

A brief history of Leigh Spinners Mill

Architects Bradshaw Gass & Hope based in Bolton were the masterminds behind some of the most incredible buildings of the North during the industrial revolution, Manchesters Stock Exchange (1904-06) and the Royal Exchange (1914-21) alongside our very own Leigh Spinners Mill, an iconic Grade II* listed building residing within a large 8 acre site founded in 1913 by John Horrocks and Edward Crowther.

The two main Mill buildings are six stories with a floorspace of 2,900 and 3,100 square meters respectively, b
uilt in two phases either side of WWI, Mill 1 in 1913 and Mill 2 in 1925, the building shares it's place within Leigh as an iconic landmark of the British industrial revolution. Still to this day Mill 2's engine house contains the sleeping giants Mayor & Mayoress, a cross compound mill engine manufactured by Yates & Thom of Blackburn, the original steam engines who's grand and impressive construction were the driving force behind floors and floors full of spinning machinery within one of the largest Cotton Mills in Britain, before the sad demise of our cotton industry in Lancashire and indeed across the United Kingdom.

Leigh Spinners Mill has undergone extensive construction work to it's eastern, western and northern sides where extensions have been erected so as to accommodate the requirements of modern manufacturing that remains in operation today on the ground and first floor levels of Mills 1 & 2, Leigh Spinners continue to manufacture carpet and artifical turf. Their modern engines can often be heard and felt humming throughout the fabric of the Mill almost in honor of their steam powered predecessors.


With its neo-Baroque influenced architecture, its impressive staircased towers and huge engine houses that sit aside the building like the shoulders of a monolithic sculpture, its pedigree, the visual impact of the twin mill buildings and it's huge chimney that now sits quietly as the Peregrine Falcons rest with watchful eyes aloft the views of Greater Manchester and it's home in Leigh.


Spinners Mill truly is magnificent, it's remained as a source of icome to it's community, an engine to the community and a provider to it's economy. In 2022 Mill1 was 109 years old, Mill 2 97. The buildings are vessels for historic remebrance that tell the stories of generations, they deserve to remain as the icons they were constructed and serve as a reminder to all that visit them.


We are Leigh Spinners Mill, we continue to serve our community as we were built to.


1913 - 2022


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